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Employee  in Quantitative Methods at GBB-Rating

The rating assessment of GBB-Rating is based both on the analysis of a company’s financial profile and the evaluation of the business profile. Our employees in the “Quantitative Methods“ Department not only develop and implement adequate methods for the quantitative mapping of analyses of financial statements, business-management assessments or target figures, but they also ensure that the entire rating system is monitored and developed further.

Which tasks does an employee have in “Quantitative Methods“?

Besides the tasks already described, the Quantitative Methods Department is responsible for developing internal rating systems, scorecards and portfolio analyses for clients. In addition, comprehensive data of a very sensitive nature is prepared and structured, so that it can be analysed via the application of modern mathematical-stastistical and econometric processes. By acquiring practical and useful results, employees in ”Quantitative Methods” are consultants to our clients and in  GBB-Rating itself.

What are the requirements of employees in the “Quantitative Methods“ Department?

As an employee in this Department, you should enjoy having sole responsibility for the development of processes and seeking new ways in ratings management on behalf of GBB-Rating and our customers. You will have completed your vocational training, for example, in business data processing or econometrics or in economics with respective experience in performing upcoming tasks. Based on the latter, you will be able to work meticulously and achieve quality results. At the same time, with your team spirit and large amount of independence you will exchange individual experiences and findings with your colleagues and discuss the latter in detail. Current challenges will be solved as a team and through discussions with other team members.

And what happens if the employee in the ”Quantitative Methods“ Department is unable to perform the necessary tasks?

Since both we and our customers constantly demand an extremely high level of quality and current knowledge of developed solutions, we would also like our employees to be consistently up-to-date with the latest developments. Moreover, as a European rating agency we need to fulfill particular quality criteria. For this reason, we place special emphasis on the our employees‘ continuous training. The diversity of tasks in the “Quantitative Methods“ Department frequently requires highly specialist knowledge about methods, processes and techniques provided by the team composition. As a result of their profile, the team colleagues’ further need for knowledge is supplemented by internal and external training measures.

Do employees in the “Quantitative Methods“ Department only work independently or as a team?

Due to its particular importance, the employees working “Quantitative Methods“ Department develop models and analyses following an intensive preliminary discussion with the respective GBB-Rating specialists “independently or as a team”. However, the procedures and results are presented both internally and externally to the contractors following completion. Difficult quantitative contexts in an comprehensible way need to be explained and the impact on processes and results must be demonstrated. The colleagues‘ work of working ”independently or as a team” with sole responsibility within a team is therefore equally as important as the contact to internal and external customers.

Job Profile Employee (m/f) for Quantitative Methods at GBB-RatingDevelopment of methods for the quantitative mapping of analysesFurther development and monitoring of in-house rating systemsVocational training profile: Business Data processing Specialist, Econometrician or Economist with respective experience


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