Job Profile of the Auditing Association

Assistant Auditor / Auditor  in Deposit Security and Financial Statement Auditing

The Auditing Association contributes significantly to the stability of the Deposit Protection System of the private banking sector. Thus, we not only safeguard the interests of deposit protection and the participating banks, but also in the course of our work we protect the interests of every consumer. As an Assistant Auditor / Auditor you will gain, amongst other things, a deep insight into the internal bank processes of risk management and the business model in the course of this responsible activity. This requires continuous engagement with the statutory banking and supervisory framework conditions.

Which tasks does an Assistant Auditor / Auditor need to perform?

As Assistant Auditor or Auditor you will contribute to carrying out deposit protection audits at institutions, financial statement audits at providers at banks, internal audits or even special audits. Furthermore, you will support us in rendering selected consulting services in the banking environment. With your versatile range of tasks you will be working with experienced employees and the management of the Auditing Association as well as the public auditing organisation.

In the framework of your activity in deposit protection audits, you will discuss as a function of your already acquired experience, amongst other things, the business model of the bank, analyse and assess the internal bank processes of risk management and audit the recoverability of assets. As a result, during your activities you will gain extensive insight into the business activities and organisation of banks. You will agree on audit statements, recommendations and advice together with your audit supervisor and the audited bank at regular intervals and write your tasks concerning the audit parts of the written audit report accordingly. During the course of your work, you will help to detect any potential threats to the Deposit Protection Systems of the private banking sector at an early stage.

In the framework of financial statement audits you will also get to know the profession and the spectrum of tasks of a public auditor. Thus, amongst other things, you will gain extensive knowledge in regulations on financial statements and assessment according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) and international standards and become acquainted with the various audit techniques.

What are the requirements of an Assistant Auditor / Auditor?

First bring enthusiasm to a varied and interesting activity and independent work in a committed team. As an Assistant Auditor / Auditor you should have already studied or graduated with a degree in economics, if possible with a focus on banking management or behavioral finance, auditing, taxation and/or accounting. You will ideally have vocational training as a banker. Moreover, as auditor you will already have gained professional experience in auditing of banks or financial services institutions, which you have acquired at a public auditing company or in internal auditing of a bank. As an employee you will also bring a large degree of motivation, an above-average commitment, the ability to work in a responsible and cooperative way and a good knowledge of English. As you will be working nationwide, we require you to be willing to travel.

How can an Assistant Auditor / Auditor continue his/her education at the Auditing Association?

Besides the practical experience in the individual areas of activity, you will take part in various internal and external seminars and training sessions to further develop your skills in the general or expert areas. Provided that you undertake the state exam to become a tax consultant or chartered accountant, you will have attained the necessary professional experience via annual audits at the PBK Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft für das Kreditwesen mbH and will be supported by the Association in achieving this career move. In addition, we will help you to improve your English language skills.

Does the Assistant Auditor / Auditor work alone or in a team?

As an Assistant Auditor and Auditor, you work independently in a motivated team. Thus, the team varies depending on the size and complexity of the company being audited and generally consists of assistant auditors, auditors and head auditor with longstanding experience. Experienced employees will assist you in achieving and further developing your auditing skills. However, the intention is to offer you sole responsibility and continuous and further education opportunities.

Job Profile: Assistant Auditor / Auditor (m/f) in Deposit Protection and Financial Statement AuditsAssessment of business models, analysis of internal bank processes of risk management and examination of recoverability of assetsOption to prepare for public audit examVocational training profile: economics-related academic studies, ideally vocational training as banker and, if applicable, initial work experience


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