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Financial Analyst  at GBB-Rating

With rating, our financial analysts have the task of assessing a company as a whole. To do this, data on the financial profile is equally evaluated as information relating to the business profile. The analyst views and assesses the current documents and gives his own independent judgment on around 50 partial aspects. His experience, vocational training and his ability in networked thinking enable him to analyse the company’s financial situation and to assess opportunities and risks, possible developments and strategic prospects.

Which tasks does a Financial Analyst have at GBB-Rating?

To attain the broadest possible overview, the financial analyst holds management discussions with representatives of the management level of our rating clients in most cases in the context of his analysis work. During these discussions he supplements the need for further information, scrutinises data and discusses his preliminary findings with specialists. Once he completes his analysis and the rating assessment has been confirmed by the rating committee, he regularly reports the final result and the findings to the company management.

Since GBB-Rating is not only a European ratings agency (ESMA-accredited), but is also approved for ratings in terms of EdBBeitrV and conducts ratings for the Deposit Protection Fund of German Banks, the work results of the financial analyst has particular importance in the context of financial market stability. They are a basis for the risk-oriented contributions determination, a part of the early risk detection system of the private banking sector’s deposit protection and thus a pillar for banks and depositors in Germany.

What are the requirements of a Financial Analyst at GBB-Rating?

The financial analysts‘ work at GBB-Rating is challenging. For this reason, mandatory prerequisites should include the knowledge acquired in the framework of sound business management studies, a thorough knowledge in the area of financial accounting and interpretations of financial statements. Finally, the knowledge will ideally be acquired as a result of a commercial vocational training, which has been completed in banking. All in all,  to manage his diverse range of tasks, the financial analyst can fall back on his basic knowledge of mathematical contexts, his analytical skills and ability to work, meticulously on the one hand, not to lose sight of the general picture, on the other.

What happens if the financial analyst cannot yet perform the necessary tasks?

It frequently occurs that we are faced with new issues in the course of our work. In order to cope with the latter, the exchange of ideas and know-how in the team or the experienced experts at GBB-Rating are constantly helpful. Furthermore, required knowledge is conveyed via the further educational opportunities in internal and external seminars. Financial analysts deepen and broaden their specialist knowledge with one another, also for example, through the accomplishment of the CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) or CRA (Certified Rating Analyst). Moreover, GBB-Rating also naturally helps you to achieve academic qualifications such as a Masters or the conferral of a Doctorate.

Does a Financial Analyst only work with his figures and independently on an analysis?

Since the demanding tasks can only be resolved by working collectively, every financial analyst is part of a team, which exchanges specialist knowledge and supports each other. Each financial analyst thus works independently and responsibly, but he will always exchange ideas with his other team members and integrate the expertise of specialist colleagues into his work. Thus, he analyses qualitative and quantitative information assisted by his team. The work of financial analysts ends with the presentation of their findings before the rating committee or the management of our ratings customers under close integration into a structured quality assurance process. Financial analysts at GBB-Rating are sought-after discussion partners for the GBB-Rating committee, within our association of companies and equally for ratings customers.

Job Profile Financial Analyst (m/f) at GBB-RatingHolistic assessment of a company in the framework of the ratings procedureInspection and assessment of analysis material and evaluation of company in respect to the financial situation as well as the development prospectsVocational training profile: studies with a business management background, a  thorough knowledge in the area of financial accounting and interpretations of financial statements


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