Job Profiles at the Auditing Association

To be able to perform the diverse range of tasks successfully at the Auditing Association and its associated companies, our employees require a complete spectrum of different skills and knowledge. This spectrum thus varies from analysing and assessing internal bank processes of risk management, evaluation of the sustainability of business models or the recoverability of assets, examination, development or certification of IT solutions or the performance of solvency assessments in the framework of the ratings process to general business and administrative activities. It is therefore not surprising that the profiles of those people working for the Association differ so much.

As a result of our core activities, the performance of deposit protection audits on banks, we naturally employ many staff who have studied economics, in particular, with a strong focus on banking management or finance, auditing, taxation and/or accountancy or have a degree in informatics. Many of employees also have completed their vocational training in banking and / or already have gained practical experience as a certified accountant, analyst or IT auditor.

The following overview presents some typical job profiles at the Auditing Association and its associated companies.



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